How do u see me without being near?

You feel my heart beat without a touch

You take me so deep yet we never drown

I’m telling u this feeling, I’ve never known

But I’m willing to experience it because it can only bring growth

You see, you’re so inspiring

Sir you don’t even know, but that’s the scary thing, you’re so in my zone

Spiritually safe with you

Your temple is my home


He’s so deserving

But does he know it

Things he’s been through

All his accomplishments

His hunger for more

His daily growth

His reservation on space and words

Let’s me know he values his world

An amazing creation by the Almighty Creator

Our souls are in sync, forever connecting

I’m steadily giving praise

For him, I give thanks for

He’s the WAND that holds my powers

Our End Date…

I know u miss being tongue deep inside me, at least I miss that of you.
How your fingers slip inside, makes my pulsing hold on to you
Dick starts rising, stuffing is what you’re about to do.
Ass bent over, ready, back is braced for the movements I’m receiving from you. Slow strokes to get the dick wet, pussy juices all over you
You pull out real quick, the tightening is getting the best out of you.
Don’t cum yet, I’m begging
As your dick drips some cum drops, my tongue’s wet from licking it all off, keeping that dick hard, I slide him in real soft, griping him just right, while u pull my hair real tight. Grip for grip, strokes on strokes, I light the spliff and you take tokes.
All that you need but you fail to see, so here’s the end of a wonderful fantasy!
Fuck off asshole! You ain for me, so keep that dick from this nice tight pussy. You’ll taste her no more, all the strokes have run dry, not a finger will enter this pussy of mine! Love you but DISLIKE you and your foul, selfish ways, so keep your shit from me, we’ve reached the end of our days!

For You I lost my breath

When will I cry my last tear?

When will I have had enough?

When will my heart sink so low that when it’s able to beat again it won’t beat for you?

When will I heal?

When will I no longer long for you?

When will you come to me?

Till death. Even though we’re already parted.

Don’t want to return to where we started.

This depression feels like I’m being haunted, by the day that will never be.

No ceremony joining you and me.

Where is my last tear?

Where is my last sad heart beat?

Where is my last breath?

For you my heart beats as my breath is lost.


We give words power.

We give words meaning.

Yet this word is already powerful.

This word has such deep meaning.

Sure it does, because we’ve given it the power and meaning that it lives up to today. We speak of detachment and letting go of people, situations, negative thoughts, etc, yet people seem to be unable to let go of the word nigger. Now when someone provoked it can be a difficult thing to walk away from, but how do we as black people see ourselves as royalty yet allow such a word as nigger define us? Get so irate when someone of another race, moreso Caucasian’s, use it. It’s a fucking word! Just like the word, word! Just like the word love, and just like the word pussy! Pussy can be derogatory, sexual, insulting, all depending on how it was used and perceived. Nigger just the same. It can be friends referring to another or used to belittle, either way, how will you stand as royalty? How will you stand as someone that has control of their own self and not be bothered/triggered by a word? Yes our ancestors suffered and there is such gruesome history of how and where that word derived; but remember, a white man made that word up yet it’s the blacks that continue giving it power and meaning! I agree people should be respectful and not provoke others, but a word!? Especially a word that you know doesn’t describe you, isn’t who you are, stop giving it power. Our ancestors fought for our freedom, so release the chains and slavery mentality!

FYI, I agree it’s a word that shouldn’t be used, but that’s because of the power it’s been given and how we’ve been trained to think it’s a bad word. So fuck that, you know you’re not a nigger, you know you are higher than being in your feelings about name calling, let it go! The less power the word has, the less it’ll be used!

Bless up niggers, crackers, hillbilly’s, rednecks, and ese’s!

I could be wrong, but I can also be right, it’s all on how it’s perceived!

I want to fuck, no panties on…

So beautiful, pure, makes you want to endure all that’s beneath, but the beauty that is seen, leaves such room for imagining. Skin tone matching the dress tone, it’s bedtime. You get a little closer so bodies align. Caressing her skin, by default you feel the softness of the material draping her skin. Almost velvet, so smooth, compliments her skin. Eager to know you slowly reach in, under the dress, reveals what you feel. No more material, just skin. Your finger start lingering, some would call it fingering. Her moaning starts escalating as you begin fondling; her clit is so stimulated, as you enter you feel her pulsating. She holds you, there’s no escaping. You continue to stuff as she starts biting.

This is just what I’ve been wishing, as I lay on this bed tossing and turning. So much can be done with a vibrator vibrating. Need some contact so my juices can start flowing…

Hiding from Reflections

Looking through the glass, there are reflections.

Shapes and figures, bending in every direction.

I can tell there is motion.

But it’s hard to see with steam of the eruptions.

All I know is I feel every grip.

And every drip that flows down from it.

You pull harder and my neck goes back, the way you hold on to my hair, just like that.

Strokes intensifies, more juices down my thighs, I grip that dick so tight as you rub on my pearly delight.

Choking my neck as you flip me on my back, I like that.

Stuffing me with your cock makes my hips move like a winding clock, just don’t stop, keep filling me up with that thick dark cock.

Feels so go, you slow down the pace, I push you off to put my pussy on your face, grinding all over as your tongue gladly embraces, you love how it tastes.

Bending over without hesitation, I reciprocate. Dick deep in my throat, sucking my juices off is such a delight. So nasty and wet, you throw me off of the bed, grab me by the neck, making sure my back is bent then begins fucking me harder each time I moan. This pussy, you own.

The motions in the glass gets closer, I’m able to distinguish the figure, oh shit my husband is home, run for cover!

Fish in Bed

Leaving STX can be compared to a fish that’s been taken out of its element, no more

water, no more sea, but faith, strength, and determination, and some others carries me.

How I miss the beach.

Floating in the sand.

Sinking in the sea.

Even screaming so loud, and it feeling so good because no one hears me.

Tears rolling down the side, saudade, so longing for the tide. 

Lonely in this bed, wanting to be by someone’s side.

Just laying here wishing I could do laps in the sun.

Exercise but fun, not including any runs.

The stroke has just begun, each lap feels like a new one. Goggles on so I see every fish

that passes.

Stx I’ll soon return to burn that green down to ashes.

Get so elevated that I start carrying heavy lashes.

Missing the times when my girls and me just be passing it.

All right, that’s it.

Can’t seem to find any more shit to spit. 

So ending it here before I sound too desperate. 

2:50 am

It takes things happening to push you to action, at least that’s my story.

Loving a man (unavailable, by the way), I still find the audacity to be in feelings and find fucks to give. Like seriously!? UGH! My emotions get too ahead of where my reality and reasoning/common sense is sometimes, but thats what happens when you get lost in someone. When you ZING and just can’t accept anything but the fairytale life of just you and them. But why does that have to be a fairytale? Don’t some people really experience that life? Oh yea – he does with his “love”. Just in a sad place right now. Prayer, exercise, time, and lots of purging (i.e. crying, withdrawals, and journaling/blogging) will get me through.